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Launching Spring 2021
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Membership applications accepted from late Spring 2021.



Unlimited access to our digital futures thinking library of courses on the skills, tools and mindsets, ready for application in your work, today. Created by our global futurists and coaches with you in mind.

  • On-demand
  • Self-paced
  • Immediate results



All from Future Explorer plus a tailored, futures learning journey through live sessions with a community of peers from across the world and across industries, guided by our global team of futurists, facilitators and coaches.

  • Tailored around your specific challenges and opportunities for creating your best future
  • Learning through practicing with peers in small groups, our Future Fit Circles
  • Focus on specific outcomes for you, your team and your organization



All from Future Explorer and Future Creator plus an individualized experience for those seeking bespoke guidance on interpreting the future through coaching and mentoring and direct access to our global team of futurists.

  • 1:1 coaching, learning and practicing
  • 100% guided learning experience
  • Access to exclusive content and events



Available for teams who need to get ahead of the future together.

Are you keeping ahead of change?

It’s getting more and more difficult every day for decision-makers, influencers and business creators to find the right path.

Are you, for example:

  • responsible for formulating the company’s strategy but feel your organization isn’t really getting digitalization and innovation?
  • in a corporate supervisory role, concerned that you and your fellow board members are poorly equipped to guide your company through radical change?
  • rising fast in a cutting-edge industry, yet well aware the playing field could flip overnight?

You may even just feel constantly on the back foot, struggling to stay ahead of increasing complexity.

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Imagine a clearer perspective

Succeeding in a rapidly evolving marketplace might not be easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. At Supertrends Institute, our members acquire:

Mindsets to imagine the possibilities and form opinions about what should happen.

Skillsets to identify and make sense of the trends to generate better strategies.

Toolsets to stay well-informed and execute on new possibilities.

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How do you make Future Fit decisions?

Supertrends Institute is a membership-based professional learning community that helps its members evaluate possible futures and design more ambitious strategies for their organizations, their teams and themselves.

Our members learn to cultivate futures thinking through participation in our Future-Fit Circles, which are groups of 5-9 members who share similar challenges but bring very different perspectives to the table under the guidance of our expert panel of futurists, facilitators and coaches.

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Our Partners

Futurists, facilitators, psychologists and coaches from across the world – Our Partners encompass the spirit of thinking differently in empowering and enabling our Members and our Clients in creating the future. They reflect curiosity, diversity and openness around perspectives that we believe are essential for each of us as individuals to craft our most desired future, starting today.

Jacqueline Surin
Shermon Cruz
Olga Piehler
Graham Norris
Alexandra Whittington
Lars Tvede
Maree Conway
Philip Botha
Liselotte Lyngso
Nicolai Chen Nielsen
Cynthia Cavalli
Peter Moller
Norun Laahne Thomassen
Bernhard Zimmermann
Patricia Lustig
Han Ee Lim
Shiela Castillo
Jim Burke
Beth Offenbacker
Rajat Baisya

Our Advisory Board

Costa Vayenas
Dasha Krivonos
Venkat Venkatraman
Tim Reeves

Our Management

Jens Hansen
Graham Norris

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