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How can I as a professional - and an individual – build my strengths in ‘Speaking Future’?

Could this be YOU?

“Yes, I get it, change is happening everywhere, and I very much see myself as part of it. I hear a lot about WHAT is happening, WHAT innovation is taking place, WHAT technologies are driving the next wave of development. However, way too often I feel I’m caught on the backfoot, that I somehow find myself stuck in environments that are more a part of yesterday, rather than the tomorrow that I am hearing about.

I would love to learn HOW to think and act differently. I want to meet with peers who also are craving new skillsets and mindsets, to ‘Speak Future’ with them about HOW to build the Future that we are all constantly reading about. I want to be a powerful player in creating that Future.”

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How can I personally become more impactful in influencing and crafting my most desired Future?

We can’t explain WHAT the future is by simply describing a series of independent events. It is increasingly the combination of WHAT is already happening with WHAT will happen going forward. Yes, the complexity keeps growing… A few great questions are:

  • HOW can we as individuals learn to ‘get ahead’ and ‘stay ahead’ of this growing complexity?
  • HOW do successful entrepreneurs and futurists ‘read’ the Future and understand how to benefit from the Future they see?
  • HOW can I meet, learn from and co-create with the best Creators of Tomorrow?
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How can I bring influential Futures Thinking to my work, my team and my organisation?

We strongly believe “The Future Starts With You,” and we have built our entire Institute around this principle. At Supertrends Institute we empower you to successfully identify, evaluate and craft your most desired future, starting today.

  • We have combined the strengths of foresight, the power of growth in leadership and the impact of strategic thinking in building our community.
  • We have gathered ambitious and successful individuals very much like you – but also, in interesting ways, different from you – from around the world.
  • We have used our professionalism, insights and experience to create a global learning environment where we guide and facilitate peer-to-peer learning, relationship building and personal enablement.

All in support of your ability to imagine, assess and create an impactful future vision that works for you.

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Our Partners

Futurists, facilitators, psychologists and coaches from across the world – Our Partners encompass the spirit of thinking differently in empowering and enabling our Members and our Clients in creating the future. They reflect curiosity, diversity and openness around perspectives that we believe are essential for each of us as individuals to craft our most desired future, starting today.

Jacqueline Surin
Shermon Cruz
Olga Piehler
Graham Norris
Alexandra Whittington
Lars Tvede
Maree Conway
Philip Botha
Liselotte Lyngso
Cynthia Cavalli
Peter Moller
Norun Laahne Thomassen
Bernhard Zimmermann
Tricia Lustig
Han Ee Lim
Shiela Castillo
Jim Burke
Beth Offenbacker
Rajat Baisya

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