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Deeper insight into how our business environment, our society and the economy are most likely to evolve – even in our time of immense change and development – offers unlimited opportunities. We help our clients make wiser strategic and investment decisions, to increase their chances of future success.

Discover the super trends shaping our future and what they mean for your business

Are you a corporate leader, entrepreneur, investor, finance professional or otherwise responsible for strategic decision making? Would you like to know about the critical innovations and developments shaping our future business landscape? Are you interested in improving your ability to recognize drivers of change and to predict significant future events? If so, we offer a range of strategic kick-offs for you and your team.

Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Video Series by Supertrends Institute featuring Lars Tvede

Entrepreneurship, our book behind the Video Series, is now also out in Chinese in addition to the English and Danish editions. We invite you to learn from the Video Series what even the Chinese entrepreneurs find interesting …

Our Future Transformed

Podcast by Big Audacious Idea featuring Jens Hansen

Can we see into the future? How can we better prepare ourselves to alter outcomes for our future?
Listen, and follow the possible developments that may sprout from our current crises, and how this applies to the future of schooling, government, and technology in a post-pandemic world.

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