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Supertrends Institute didn’t get where it is today by knowing what the future holds. Our understanding of the future has evolved radically, and what you see today is our current thinking, in action. The confidence we have in our strategy is the result of hard work – developing new mindsets, adopting new tools and developing new skills to make sense of the future and realize its potential.

And if we find figuring out the future difficult, we expect you do too.

In fact, we wish we had available from the start exactly what we offer you as a member: A platform that not only cultivates futures thinking, but also synthesizes divergent views from your peers on your specific situation so that you can move forward with conviction. As we’ve discovered in assembling thought-provoking futurists, facilitators and strategists from around the world, it pays to stay curious about the insights that new perspectives can provide.

Anyone is welcome at the institute, but we tend to attract people who are:
Curious – Building success on exploration about what could be.
Ambitious – Possessing the spirit of progress.
Collaborative – Appreciating diversity of thought and perspective.

Basically, people like us in wanting to continuously learn, create and recreate.

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Our Management

Senior executive leadership positions Strategic advisor and board member Respected...

Jens Hansen

Co-founder and CEO

Leadership Coach, certified in personality assessment Founder of Foresight Psychology...

Graham Norris


Jens Hansen

Position: Co-founder and CEO
Categories: Management About
  • Senior executive leadership positions
  • Strategic advisor and board member
  • Respected speaker and guest lecturer

Jens on Leadership

Leadership is about having the courage to lead. Leading based on listening and checking that you have understood. Leading guided by a vision that you hold full ownership of. Leading by clear language, trust and empowerment. Leading by connecting and combining your heart, your head and your guts.

Meet Jens

I co-founded and co-created Supertrends Institute because I wanted to contribute to the important democratization of Futures Thinking, Acting and Learning – In support of our Purpose: To empower our members to successfully identify, evaluate and craft their most desired future, today. And I am very pleased to see how fast we are growing under the umbrella of this Purpose.

As a future strategist, entrepreneur, facilitator, coach and public speaker, I’ve had extensive success in empowering strategic initiatives and inspiring people, business and culture transformations resulting in increased future readiness, organisational agility and personal growth in the people I have had the pleasure of working closest with.

Graham Norris

Position: COO
Categories: Management About
  • Leadership Coach, certified in personality assessment
  • Founder of Foresight Psychology
  • Doctorate on the impact of rapid change on Chinese knowledge workers

Graham on Leadership

In situations of great uncertainty, action may seem risky, but inaction is even more so.

Meet Graham

I’ve spent most of the past 25 years getting to know people from all over the world, managing teams through disruption and navigating uncertainty. I’ve worked in education, journalism, marketing and the non-profit sector, leading multinational teams in Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing. I hold an MBA and doctorate in business administration from Edinburgh Business School.


Our Advisory Board

Costa on the future ‘Many discoveries are waiting to be...

Costa Vayenas

Dasha on the future ‘Futures are multiple up until they...

Dasha Krivonos

Venkat on the future ‘As a strategist and futurist, I...

Venkat Venkatraman

Tim on the future ‘The future is an opportunity and...

Tim Reeves

Costa Vayenas

Categories: Our Advisory Board

Costa on the future

‘Many discoveries are waiting to be made.‘

Meet Costa

My view that digitalisation is leading to a disintermediation also at the level of the state is discussed in my book Democracy in the digital age: How we will vote and what we will vote about (2017). Having covered the emerging markets professionally for more than thirty years, I am very aware of the powerful forces of both convergence and divergence impacting society and asset prices. My view that not everything is on the internet and not everything has been discovered, was confirmed when I published a book about the algorithm of German gender. I remain curious and enjoy discovering and building new things.

Dasha Krivonos

Categories: Our Advisory Board

Dasha on the future

‘Futures are multiple up until they are the present.’

Meet Dasha

An economist by training but a curious soul by nature, I believe that staying abreast of current developments and looking beyond the immediate planning horizon is equally essential for manoeuvring through uncertainties of the future. Having grown up behind the iron curtain, I have been endowed with a natural geopolitical curiosity and a nuanced perspective of the interplay in international relations. Prior to CIFS, I headed up Enterprise Risk Management in Maersk.

Venkat Venkatraman

Categories: Our Advisory Board

Venkat on the future

‘As a strategist and futurist, I believe that we are at an interesting inflection point: tested and proven modes of creating and capturing value in economies reflecting the industrial age are challenged by new relatively unproven but potentially exciting models that are born with digital technologies at the core. What does this mean for individuals and society? Will we see digitization give rise to greater concentration of wealth among those that are able to master digital technologies? Or will we see more decentralized and distributed models of value creation and capture? What should today’s leaders do to make sure that their corporations are relevant and thriving in the digital future? As an optimist, I see a future where digital technologies could unleash functionalities that truly benefit us as humans. At the same time, I am entirely cognizant of the potential dysfunctional possibilities of digital technologies.’

Meet Venkat

Author of The Digital Matrix—New Rules for Business Transformation through technology, I am now the David J. McGrath Jr. Professor of Management at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Previously, I taught at MIT Sloan School of Management and at London Business School. My research to date has been awarded accolades and I feel honored to have become one of the most cited scholars in the area of digital strategy.

Tim Reeves

Categories: Our Advisory Board

Tim on the future

‘The future is an opportunity and a responsibility.’

Meet Tim

I am passionate about the development of leaders and using experiential learning to grow talent. I have been designing, developing and delivering learning simulations for 25 years as a consultant in the learning space. My goal is always to combine rich, realistic, and relevant experiences that are fun for the participant, whether it be about leadership capabilities or business acumen. I now have my own company focused on board game simulations. I grew up in Canada and have been a US resident for most of my career. My wife is a milliner and personal design consultant, and our son is a sophomore at university.


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