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Welcome to our Free Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lessons – 38 focused video lessons on hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who is this for?

  • Board members and owner-managers in established companies seeking to increase their innovation
  • Founders and management in start-ups
  • Financial investors in the start-up space

What do the videos cover?

A total of 39 videos – typically 3-10 minutes each – covering all aspects of generating innovative ideas, explaining and testing them, planning their execution, building and managing entrepreneurial teams, pitching for funding, running entrepreneurial businesses, building strategic advantages, creating alliances, valuing ventures, investing in start-ups, exiting with success, and much more.

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Meet Lars Tvede

Lars Tvede is a serial entrepreneur and a professional investor and who over the last 30 years has founded a string of companies within telecommunication, software development, property investment and finance. Some of these companies have won international awards, including Wall Street Journal Europe Innovation Award, Red Herring Global 100 Award, Bully Award and Swiss IMD Start-up Award.

Some of Lars’ latest ventures are the venture capital fund Nordic Eye from 2016, which produced over 100% cash return in its first full year and won the national Investor of the Year Award in 2018. Furthermore, in 2019, he co-founded Supertrends Institute and the forecasting company Supertrends.

Lars has also been listed as one of the world’s leading marketing gurus. Furthermore, he is also author of 16 books, which combined have been translated to 11 languages and printed in over 50 editions. These include the international bestsellers The Creative Society, Supertrends, The Psychology of Finance, Entrepreneur and Business Cycles.


For more please check www.larstvede.com

Can we help you?

Supertrends Institute specialises in helping businesses and private individuals strategically navigate the future. Our purpose is to help our clients find and benefit from the innovations, technologies and trends of the future. If you desire a conversation about how you may improve the entrepreneurial capabilities in your specific business that can lead to new solutions and growth, please contact our CEO, Jens Hansen. Simply book your first consultation right here.



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