Ready yourself to act amid uncertainty.
Make the connections to take control
of your future.


A global futures learning platform that enables you to:

Get Clarity on Your Future Possibilities and Challenges

Uncertainty and risk are the windows to opportunity.

Our on-demand learning and real-time practice provide the skills you need to understand the possibilities.


Make Better Decisions

The bottom line is the action you take today.

Expert guidance combined with diverse peer-group feedback help you make more informed choices.


Generate More Ambitious Strategies

Feel you or your organization could achieve more?

Our platform supports you in developing your moonshot.


We are Accepting Membership Applications Soon

Future Explorer

USD 1,800

More than 100 on-demand classes

Diverse perspectives from a global team of futurists

Practical skills you can apply straightaway

Tools to help you make sense of the future and generate better strategies

Free access to our monthly Future Fit Webinar

Future Creator

USD 2,000

All the benefits of Future Explorer


Access to your curated Future Fit Circle of global professionals

20+ series of participant-driven salons and exploration sessions

Guidance from experienced facilitators and futurists

Focus on outcomes, accelerating performance and building capacities

A professional community

Peer feedback on your specific issues

A tailored learning journey


Future Mastery

USD 6,000

All the benefits of Future Creator 


One-on-one coaching, learning and practicing

100% guided learning experience

Exclusive guest speakers and bonus member conten

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A Taste Of The Topics

Our global team of futurists, facilitators and coaches

bring a wide range of experience to the table, covering all areas of

Mindset development

Leadership skills

Scenario analysis


Design thinking

Strategic foresight

Strategy generation

Organizational mobilization

The specialists are however all our Members, as they more than anybody else are the frontline workers of our Future. The single most important role of our partners is to connect your possibilities and challenges with the peers from around the world that have similar possibilities and challenges and to bring you on a hands-on, practical – yet ambitious – learning journey to make you Future Fit.

Who's It For?

Busy Professionals

Flexible, on-demand, learning and a choice of peer-to-peer, online practice to fit your schedule.

Plus, with the right skills, tools and mindset to make sense of the future, you’ll save a ton of time when making tough choices.


You don’t have to be C-suite, but if you’re not making decisions, you’re not influencing your future.


Your experience at the institute is tailored to resolving your specific issues with a sense of urgency.


Meet Our Partners

Futurists, facilitators, psychologists and coaches from across the world – Our Partners encompass the spirit of thinking differently in empowering and enabling our Members and our Clients in creating the future. They reflect curiosity, diversity and openness around perspectives that we believe are essential for each of us as individuals to craft our most desired future, starting today.

Jacqueline Surin
Shermon Cruz
Olga Piehler
Graham Norris
Alexandra Whittington
Lars Tvede
Cynthia Cavalli
Philip Botha
Liselotte Lyngso
Nicolai Chen Nielsen
Peter Moller
Norun Laahne Thomassen
Bernhard Zimmermann
Patricia Lustig
Martin Daubney
Han Ee Lim
Shiela Castillo
Jim Burke
Beth Offenbacker
Rajat Baisya

Our Advisory Board

Costa Vayenas
Dasha Krivonos
Venkat Venkatraman
Tim Reeves

Our Management

Jens Hansen
Graham Norris

Our Company Clients