How does

it work?
Supertrends Institute is a subscription-based platform

leveraging the experience of your global peers and our partners.


Each member’s journey will be unique, depending on their specific situation,

yet each experience will include some common elements.

On-Demand Learning

Focused and flexible learning that cultivates inspiration to explore new possibilities.

Learn how to apply the mindsets, skills and tools for you to succeed in an uncertain and volatile world.

Topics include:

Cultivating a Futures Mindset

Trend Recognition

Future Creation

Strategy Generation

Adaptive Execution

Peer-to-Peer, Online Practice

Learning labs guided by our global team of future practitioners

to exercise the skills and tools of futures thinking based on your specific focus.




Horizon Scanning

Futures Wheels


Future Fit Circles

The magic happens in small groups of peers expertly guided by our team of futurists, facilitators and coaches.

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd, and we seek to unlock the expertise within each group through ongoing learning, exploration and application.

The result is your own bespoke advisory board drawn from members around the world.

Future Explorer

Annual membershipUSD 140 per month
    • More than 100 on-demand classes
    • Diverse perspectives from a global team of futurist
    • Practical skills you can apply straightaway
    • Tools to help you make sense of the future and generate better strategies
    • Free access to our monthly Future Fit Webinar

Future Creator

Annual membershipUSD 160 per month
  • ✔️ All the benefits of Future Explorer
      • Access to your curated Future Fit Circle of global professionals
      • 20+ series of participant-driven salons and exploration sessions
      • Guidance from experienced facilitators and futurists
      • Focus on outcomes, accelerating performance and building capacities
      • A professional community
      • Peer feedback on your specific issues
      • A tailored learning journey
      • Certification

Future Mastery

Annual membershipUSD 500 per month
  • ✔️ All the benefits of Future Creator
      • One-on-one coaching, learning and practising
      • 100% guided learning experience
      • Exclusive guest speakers and bonus member content

Key Features

Diverse perspectives to build an innovative future for you.
A Future Fit Circle of peers to support your learning journey.
Tailored to address the challenges and opportunities you’re facing today.

How we're different?

You get results on your issues, not general knowledge

Quality over Quantity
Choose the learning journey that’s right for you

Creating Real Connections
You’ll be contributing to a community of like-minded future shapers


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