• Futurist and trend translator
  • Future finance and strategic management specialist
  • Foresight scholar from University of Manchester
  • Rich business advisory experience from across the African continent

Bronwyn on the Future

“The future should be both exciting and personal. In order for individuals, organisations, nations and civilisations to progress and thrive, we need something to look forward to. The future should broaden our horizons rather than limit our choices. Foresight and futurists literacy are skills anyone can and should learn; they are not the special domain of academia or politics.”

Meet Bronwyn

Bronwyn has over a decade’s experience in strategic management, trend research and foresight, advising clients in the public and private sector across the African continent. Her educational credentials include tertiary qualifications in Marketing Management (University of Johannesburg), Economics (University of London), Foresight (University of Manchester), and Future Studies (University of Stellenbosch). Bronwyn is a partner at Flux Trends and she is currently completing a master’s in applied economics from the University of Bath.

Bronwyn’s research focuses on how macro socio-economic trends and emerging technologies will impact businesses, industries, and nations in the near- and long-term future. Part economist, part strategist, Bronwyn’s particular areas of expertise include fintech trends, alternative economic models, and sustainable future design.