• Executive Coach at The Leets Consortium
  • Coach-consultant for individuals and corporates
  • Achieved Woman of Achievement and Technology All-Stars awards in 2007

Cynthia on the Future

I love how the future unfurls itself before us, riding the edge of chaos, full of potential for new creation, for opportunity to right wrongs, explore new horizons, and imbue fresh context to stories about our past and who we are

Meet Cynthia

The future contains the past, as past and present contain the future: temporal expressions of a timeless but whole reality enfolded within each other. My goal as coach-consultant is to inform daily and corporate life with perspectives drawn from the complex nature of radical transformation and this deep interconnectedness of reality.

Born in India, and raised in the US, my career highlights include aerospace engineering, organizational leadership development, depth psychology, dreams, mythology, intelligent complex adaptive systems, and the evolution of consciousness. My doctoral research in human systems studied the complex nature of transformation, uncertainty, and human dynamics.