Elatia on the Future

I believe the most empowering and exciting thing about the future is that it isn’t some out there, distant, ethereal thing. It is shaped, crafted, designed, and determined in the actions and decisions that we take and make right now, and now, and now… We get to decide what comes next – together.

Meet Elatia

Elatia Abate, a Detroit native, is an entrepreneur, futurist, and educator whose personal mission is to ignite the flame of life in the hearts of those around her. She founded the Future of Now to help humans and companies around the world thrive in the face of great disruption and prepare for the ever-changing future ahead.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Elatia is a sought-after keynote speaker. She is tri-lingual in English, Spanish and Portuguese and employs all three languages to share her messages of possibility, opportunity, and potential. She has spoken to audiences of tens and auditoriums of thousands. She has a TEDx talk entitled, “Pioneering the Future of Work.”