• Leading Clean Language specialists in Asia
  • Specialist-partner of the Singapore-based consultancy BeInClarity
  • Award-winning journalist for 20 years in previous occupation
  • Author and editor of several books

Jacqueline on the Future

I’m always attending to the smallest things I can do to have the future that I want, whether it’s about something personal or political. Doing that small thing may not change the future, but it will change my relationship to the future I want.

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline trains managers and leaders to run engaging online meetings and collaborations, and to build trust remotely. She also coaches individuals and facilitates organisations internationally to turn the pain of conflict into a positive gain.

She is one of the leading Clean Language specialists in Asia. Clean Language is a methodology that builds attention, and cultivates group intelligence, even when there is conflict, for driving performance.

She is a specialist-partner of the Singapore-based consultancy, BeInClarity; an associate of Training Attention and Clean Learning in the UK, and of Change 3.0 in the Netherlands. She was previously an award-winning journalist for 20 years, and is the author and editor of several books.