• Senior executive leadership positions
  • Strategic advisor and board member
  • Respected speaker and guest lecturer

Jens on Leadership

Leadership is about having the courage to lead. Leading based on listening and checking that you have understood. Leading guided by a vision that you hold full ownership of. Leading by clear language, trust and empowerment. Leading by connecting and combining your heart, your head and your guts.

Meet Jens

I co-founded and co-created Supertrends Institute because I wanted to contribute to the important democratization of Futures Thinking, Acting and Learning – In support of our Purpose: To empower our members to successfully identify, evaluate and craft their most desired future, today. And I am very pleased to see how fast we are growing under the umbrella of this Purpose.

As a future strategist, entrepreneur, facilitator, coach and public speaker, I’ve had extensive success in empowering strategic initiatives and inspiring people, business and culture transformations resulting in increased future readiness, organisational agility and personal growth in the people I have had the pleasure of working closest with.