Lars on the Future

The future will bring a tsunami of innovation, way beyond anything seen in the past. To surf it rather than drown in it, we need to use information tools and management techniques that are not common today.

Meet Lars

Author, entrepreneur & investor, has to a large extend built his success being a formidable analyst and major consumer of a steady stream of global information. Over the years, Lars has developed a clear vision by being very well versed in the patterns and laws that history continuously and repeatedly reveals to us. These patterns and laws constitute a fabulous dance which tells us a great deal about the future we are all rapidly moving into. Especially two of Lars’ now 17 book publications, “The Creative Society” (2015) and “Supertrends” (2019) provides a beautiful insight into both the historical perspective and a future perspective on how our world and our conditions for conducting business develop.

One of the key characteristics about Lars is that he largely brings his insight into play through the start-up of new companies, where he is the lead investor, through structured private equity investments in other entrepreneurs’ start-ups and through investments in the global, financial markets. These activities provide Lars with ongoing feedback and insights into how his analyses and conclusions work in relation the specific world we all find ourselves in.

In 2020, he started the companies Supertrends Institute and Supertrends, both in Switzerland. By the start of 2021 is starting a new investment fund in Switzerland – All this requires that you keep your finger on the pulse and can feel the rhythm.

At a time when we are all working to deal with change, innovation and adaptations through strategic planning and investment allocation, it is both helpful, deeply inspiring and enjoyable to hear Lars sharing his insights into innovation, new technologies, new business models, possible societal developments, investments and expected financial markets development.