Liselotte on the Future

My dream is to democratize and globalize future studies before I die.

Meet Liselotte

When I started working as futurist 20 years ago it was a skill that was nice to have. Today it’s a need to have. With a labor market in disruption, the tectonic shifts in our economy and our social fabric we can no longer solely rely on past experience and insight.

Many people talk about the need to look ahead, unfortunately very few people know how to do so in a systematic manner.  My aim is to teach as many people as possible how navigate the future. Preparing for the future has to be a collaborative effort where all kinds of skills and perspectives are brought into play. For that I have developed a range of analytical tools. Working with soft and hard trends, transformative trends and game changers will help you spot the future ahead of the curve.

My professional ambition and drive is to empower decision-makers wherever they are.