• Coaching with outset in your full body
  • Founder of 4-bodies Coaching School
  • Trainer & Mentor for (aspiring) Coaches

Mona on the Future

The future stands for many things. Above all it stands for hope.

Meet Mona

Mona was born in Austria to a South Korean mother & an Egyptian father. Having lived abroad for the past 11 years across 6 countries she truly embodies diversity. Most of her career she worked in Corporate Sales until the day she decided that her futuristic and entrepreneurial spirit needed to be fully expressed.

Her work puts 1 thing in the foreground: human(e) potential. In a world of AI and data she believes that IQ will not provide competitive advantage. Being human will. Her work focuses around tapping into emotional, bodily and spiritual intelligence in order to access the skills of the future: empathy, creativity, adaptability. As restless learner she holds 4 degrees and 5 coach certifications. She now teaches her methods in her own coaching school and in companies that strive for becoming future ready.

“I believe people carry all the answers within them. Often not found in the mind but in their hearts and guts.”