Olga on the Future

Embracing the awareness that I expand through questions while I’m constrained by answers.

Meet Olga

As the rate of change and technological innovation continues to exponentially increase in all aspects of our lives, it is imperative for future leaders to become fluent navigators and facilitators of change. I am deeply curious about how to reduce the increasing gap between the speed of change in the external world and the rate of change of our internal maps as well as interested in the change dynamics present in a complex interconnected system.

I approach change facilitation from a neuroscience perspective looking at the top core reasons change acquisition and sustainability may get stuck particularly when unlearning is required and how to incorporate unlearning goals into the change-design process to achieve desired outcomes.  I believe Future-Fluent organizations that thrive in fast-changing and disruptive environments are those able to scale their why; create psychological safe environments – scaling trust; ensure espoused values match underlying beliefs present in the organization; align processes to values – often the changes we want to make are restricted by our adherence to the processes that support the old way versus the new way; develop self-leaders regardless of positional status – allowing for shape-shifting model or “open power” model for leadership: moving away from structural hierarchy and instead fluidly shifting to have the most appropriate person/s leading depending on the need. I believe there are many exciting and thrilling things ahead.