• Keynote speaker, facilitator, author
  • Advisor and specialist in Strategic Foresight and Appreciative Inquiry
  • Board Member at Association of Professional Futurists, APF
  • CEO of LASA Insight

Patricia on the Future

The future is guaranteed to be different to what we expect. I’m always curious to explore what it might be and how it will emerge.

Meet Patricia

I am a strategic foresight practitioner, author of the award winning Strategic Foresight: Learning from the future, on the board of the Association of Professional Futurists. My passion is to help organisations and people make better decisions for today AND tomorrow for all stakeholders in the system – the planet, our children, and their children.  I am a synthesiser, pragmatic, and endlessly curious.

I have line business experience from working in major corporations: Logica, Motorola and BP, have been Executive Faculty at Henley and Programme Director at Management Centre Europe.  I am multi-lingual, having lived in Europe, Asia, and the USA.