Peter on the Future

It is said that “Curiosity killed the cat”. I do not agree. Cats who are not curious about what is around the corner live a far more dangerous life.

Meet Peter

I have a passion for getting things done – helping leaders to build organisations that have the competencies and are motivated to transform visions into results. I have a broad theoretical background from both the Airforce Academy and University of Copenhagen and hold a MSc in organisational psychology followed by executives programs at INSEAD, Harvard, and IMD

I headed the global organisational development unit at Novo Nordisk for more than 10 years, and know from personal experience what it takes to lead – especially to lead change. I know by heart the dilemmas leaders and organisations are facing and can therefore meet clients with a healthy amount of humility.

Have for the last 15 years worked in more than 25 countries and helped some 400 companies to look into the future and execute their plans and strategies.