Peter on the Future

I have a dream: A future with self-direction and relationships on equal footing – in our society, in politics and in companies. True partnership beyond hierarchy, stunning results through self-organized teams, intrinsically motivated people working in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration, compassion, and joy, bubbling over with creativity.

Meet Peter

Peter Wyss, MA (lic.phil.), is the author of the book ”Hierarchiefrei ist besser!” (hierarchy-free is better!), founder of FLOW-culture and a very experienced consultant, coach and trainer with more than 23 years of experience in the business world. As a consultant and trainer, he specializes in corporate culture transformation and leadership on equal footing. As a coach, he focuses on team building and on interpersonal skills needed in culture transformation, such as trust building, facilitation skills and effectiveness.

Peter is convinced that people already possess the complete capacity for finding their own solutions – we just have to provide the appropriate conditions. He is full of passion for giving birth to this re-engineering of our work, to these entirely new mindsets and operating systems of our businesses. He lives in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a passion for his family, quantum physics, neurobiology, rock-climbing, dancing, skiing, and yoga.