• Chairman at Strategic Consulting Group Pvt Ltd
  • Written over 350 research papers and articles and 7 books
  • Founder & President of the Project and Technology Management Foundation
  • Chairman of the Institute of Management Consultant of India

Rajat on the Future

The future will be influenced by new generation technologies where businesses operate in a competitive environment to collaborate and create radical, sustainable, farsighted innovations focused in a digital economy.

Meet Rajat

I am trained in engineering and management and over my career spanning 45 years have witnessed great change in the industry. I have worked for very large businesses and multinational corporations in senior management positions, managed large strategic projects, successfully launched new products in competitive marketplaces, taught in renowned business schools and have authored 8 books, and I am still very excited about the future. I am an entrepreneur and have diverse interests – from business, economics, finance, travel, music and culture. I feel and think like a global citizen and truly believe that the world is my oyster. I live in New Delhi, India with my wife who is a social worker.