• Hands-on management experience over two decades at Siemens and A.P.Moller-Maersk
  • Hands-on leadership experience from hotspots around the world
  • Assisted 100+ companies and organizations in the development and execution of strategies
  • Senior leadership mentor and coach

Søren on the future:

I trust and support a world where “the only constant is change”. A future where we will experience technologies and approaches, we never thought could exist – A future where we will have unique opportunities to develop our human potential far greater than we could imagine.

Meet Søren

I am a former army officer. I am grateful to have been leading complex and ambiguous projects in many of the hotspots across the world. On the human and the professional side, it has taught me the power of trusting and empowering people because it delivers continuously high performance in combination with focus and transparency. These experiences, together with my more than 25 years of hands-on experience within corporate leadership, optimization, and development of employees and organizations worldwide, have given me extensive and solid practical experience to quickly bond with diverse types of people, cultures, and companies and create impactful results fast.
I live and work by values such as simplicity, trust, integrity, and humility.