Venkat on the future

‘As a strategist and futurist, I believe that we are at an interesting inflection point: tested and proven modes of creating and capturing value in economies reflecting the industrial age are challenged by new relatively unproven but potentially exciting models that are born with digital technologies at the core. What does this mean for individuals and society? Will we see digitization give rise to greater concentration of wealth among those that are able to master digital technologies? Or will we see more decentralized and distributed models of value creation and capture? What should today’s leaders do to make sure that their corporations are relevant and thriving in the digital future? As an optimist, I see a future where digital technologies could unleash functionalities that truly benefit us as humans. At the same time, I am entirely cognizant of the potential dysfunctional possibilities of digital technologies.’

Meet Venkat

Author of The Digital Matrix—New Rules for Business Transformation through technology, I am now the David J. McGrath Jr. Professor of Management at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Previously, I taught at MIT Sloan School of Management and at London Business School. My research to date has been awarded accolades and I feel honored to have become one of the most cited scholars in the area of digital strategy.