• Change Coach and Expert in deep change
  • TEDx speaker on AI
  • Founder of Metamorphosers reTHINK Hub
  • Member of the Viennese Thinker Circle

Xerxes on the Future

Futures are the outlooks that we imagine from today’s perspective. “The future” is the given potential that we cultivate today.

Meet Xerxes

Xerxes Voshmgir has an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, traditional oriental medicine, psychology and mysticism as well as futurism, strategy and organisational development. He is a transcultural traveller between diverse communities, combining different people, approaches and ideas to identify new solutions for currents and future challenges. In recent years he has increasingly focuses on naturally induced altered states of consciousness to gain deep insights into complex issues. He works as a futurist, counsellor and public speaker and is based in Vienna and Athens.