The Supertrends
Master Class Series


We're here to help you developing and implement effective strategies and methotds to achieve your most desired future. In case of any special request, please contact us.

Learning from the Future

Our Future is here already! How can you best step into this Future and benefit from the technologies, innovations and changes of behaviours that are already here? How may you be able to act and think in ways that are even more helpful and efficient given all the changes that are already here? Which new innovation and technologies are already, seriously impacting your business? How can you switch to and benefit from a ‘radar view’ from our normal ‘laser ‘view’?

Ask yourself – each on a scale from 1 to 10:

  • How well informed are we about what may really change our business?
  • How aligned are we across our business in our views on our Future?
  • Do we have a plan for how to benefit from what is already here and what is coming?

The Supertrends Master Class Series is designed to increase your Future Readiness in how you can spot what is already here and what is just around the corner. How to most efficiently navigate and benefit from combinations of new technologies and innovations. How to mobilize yourself, your team, your business for your Future Journey.

  • Lifting and activating your Future Readiness
  • Empowering your abilities to Navigate, Strategize and Mobilize your best possible future
  • Providing you with hands-on experiences, skills and tools to embark on your Future Journey
  • Connecting and engaging with entrepreneurs and other creators of our future, that are already living and working in the Future

The outcome of each Master Class is a set of specific Call-to-Action that you can apply in your business from the moment your leave each of our Master Classes.


Our Master Class Series is an essential set of half-day gamified, experimental, interactive learning sessions. The style is learning through involvement, gamification, reflections, connections and changing your perspectives. Each Master Class is founded around on one of the essential aspects of increasing your Future Readiness on and individual or an organizational level: Navigate, Strategize and Mobilize.


Top level leadership, policy makers, strategy teams, key decision makers. All Supertrends Master Classes are available both for intact teams and as open classes.

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