Per Mikael Jensen

PM on the future

‘In order to continue advancing sustainably in our future, I find it integral that we find sensible solutions to the bigger challenges in this world instead of drowning in all the emotional chitter-chatter that often takes over in public discussions.’

Meet PM

I am a seasoned media executive who has had the pleasure to have lived and worked in London, New York, Stockholm and my own native Denmark. With experience from digital, print and TV (where I became the CEO of the largest broadcaster in Denmark), I have worked hands-on in Russia, Asia, Europe, US, Canada and 10 markets across Latin America. Originally a journalist, for the past 20 years I worked with editorial, commercial and high-level strategy as a CEO in various media companies. I also have experience as a non-executive director from 20+ companies as well as 50+ MA’s and start-ups.


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