Thomas Graholy

Thomas on the future

To Thomas the key to the future is the human desire and the best way to predict the future is to invent it and built it. We can predict a course that flows deterministically from cause to effect, and, as an upgrade, we can warn of a future worth stopping or envision a world worth building.
Thomas always attempts not to let lack of confidence stop him trying something new. Therefore he gathers as much information as possible, seeks guidance and takes a step forward and then another. With each step in the direction of his goal, his confidence will grow.
He frequently casts his curiosity to scientists who carry out experiments to establish objective facts. Quite often science fields experience different realities and then the argument goes: how can they agree on what these facts might be? Can quantum technologies help to solve the puzzle? Is future something that we ‘merely’ enter?
Thomas believes that future is promised to no one but given to every single one of us, which is why we are preparing for it today.

Meet Thomas

Thomas, born in 1967, is the Australian – Danish co-founder and co-owner of Kontinent Film & TV Group, a Danmark – UK – USA based small size enterprise within film- and TV productions, a company that has been in operation with great success since January 2004. As a producer, Thomas has worked with several great corporations and individuals throughout the globe; Nestle, WHO, Shell, the US Government under Bill Clinton’s Administration, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft, Quantas, the Australian Government, Mitsubishi and many more fine names.
Being extremely and constantly curious Thomas keeps looking for answers to questions by exploring. Whether his exploration goes to the North Pole, Papua New Guinea, into history or astrophysics Thomas’ major driver is to live in the question.


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